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Bright Eyes

finally updating!!!

Posted by skiwildcat06 on 2006.01.11 at 02:09
Current Mood: sickicky
Current Music: Guster - Careful
cheesy poem from LA. ms rief liked it tho.

Nothing is perfect,
As everyone says,
In the land of synthetic,
The world of man.
But if you leave the normal
Suddenly, it seems,
“Everyone” is wrong.

If nothing’s perfect,
I beg you, try
Find a blemish in
Sun-bathed meadows,
The mountains of mist,
The sun-soaked haven of being

Or the splendor of the forest,
The beauty of granite ledges
In the early morning sun.
Or the untamed liberty of wandering
Barefoot and wild,
Through a forest, sky-scraper high

For once you leave the normal,
The conventional,
The same,
There is perfection all around you,
Waiting, just ahead of you
To be seen, and marveled.

So climb high, higher, highest,
Wander to a haven in the sky,
Leave your shoes by wayside,
Revel in this freedom,
The wild and the true,
You will know perfection.

Posted by saxytrouble on 2006.01.04 at 20:18
In case there is no more poetry feel free just to post stuff. ok. like . I LOVE MACKENZIE... ta da

Bright Eyes

Forgive Me

Posted by skiwildcat06 on 2005.12.14 at 20:00
Fighting, tears,
And angry screams
Fill my mind
They fill my dreams

I don’t know why
I feel this way
I don’t know why
I have to pay

My life and heart
Have no love, not any
The long nights
Are far too many

As I lay awake,
I recount the days
Back when I never
Had to pay

The years were sweet
As a loving word
I felt so good,
Like a flying bird

Then one day
A revelation came
My life was useless
All was the same

My life was stupid
Inconsequential in the least
No difference would be made
I would not slay the beast

That lies within
Mankind’s cold, irony heart
There was no point
To even bothering to start

It is easier to give up
To feed man's rampant wrath
Than to fight it to the end
That is the futile path

I got angry at the pent-up virtues
That everybody hid
I fought against my prison,
But always did as bid

And at night tears of sadness
Were my only anesthetic
The fight was lost,
Futile, pathetic

And so my anger
Is more than it seems
It is a remnant of the sadness
Which haunted all my dreams.

blair car leaning colorful
Posted by foreverdana on 2005.12.12 at 18:33
Current Mood: blankblank
It was me and you,
You and me.
I want for you,
to finally see,
I can't let go
for I'm holding on tight.
What you are saying,
doesn't seem right.

We were best friends,
even you said so,
I had no idea,
you would let me go.
It seemed all so good,
so perfect so true,
I guess now I'm seeing,
the actual you.

I had no idea,
you were getting so bad.
I had no idea,
you could make me so sad.
Now I'm silently crying,
alone where I hide.
I had no idea,
you'd be the reason I died.

~Dana M. Hmph. Surprise surprise.

Bright Eyes

the Sapling

Posted by skiwildcat06 on 2005.12.11 at 20:44
a small sapling
in the middle of a clearing
stands, all alone.
rooted into the ground,
strong and healthy,
it still seems so fragile
from the elements,
the wind,
the rain,
the sun.
it should be dead,
long ago destroyed
yet it lives on,

what cause does such a thing
have to live in this cruel world?
one wonders,
is it happy?
is it content,
in the way that trees can be content?
or is it like a human,
never satisfied,
never sated,
always searching?

yes, this is it.
for even as the
and snow
lash at its young bark
it throws its branches to the world
soaks up the rain
drinks in the sunlight
wallows in the deep snow.
and every year
there is a taller, stronger tree

the elements fuel it,
fuel its search,
for the search is not materiel
it is not like you and me
the tree searches for something greater

it searches for life.

Irene, me

confused, and losing control

Posted by beachbumusician on 2005.12.09 at 15:23
Current Mood: gloomyyeah, w.e
Current Music: Oaisis
When you fall in love it's as great as it can be,
But what happens when you fall for another,
you love two,
but there is nothing you can do,
but sit there and chose,

It's hard to chose between him and you,
i don't know what to do,
i wish you did't come back,
you made my life confusing,

Irene L. Lemire

What is love?
Some say it's a blind fold,
covering the sight of life.
Some say it's a trap of the heart,
and it should stay out of sight.
Some say it's a path,
That humans chose to take.
But some say that love just is,
but there are some rules that need to break.

Irene L. Lemire

Irene, me
Posted by beachbumusician on 2005.12.09 at 15:11
Current Mood: confusedyeah i just started thinking..
Current Music: Thursday
What does it mean when someone kisses you,
is it goodbye or hello?
what does it mean when someone touches you,
does it mean they care?
What does it mean to live and love,
when you can live an forget?
And what does it mean to be here for someone,
if your really there?

Irene L. Lemire

Poem, I got thinking i know it may be confusing but it makes sense to me.

More poetry

Posted by saxytrouble on 2005.12.09 at 08:58
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
When I see you,
I see your young, tender skin,
If I touched you would you giggle,
or shy away,
Leaving me to say my hand slipped,
When all i want to do is be close to your heart.

-Gordon H. Fenn
P.S About mackenzie.


Posted by saxytrouble on 2005.12.09 at 08:42
Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: Fall out boy: Dance Dance
Get a weight off your chest,
Thats been here for years,
We were together when we were young,
But grew apart as days came by,
Maybe I always love you,
Though I never knew why,
How can I move on,
When I don't want to.

-Gordon H. Fenn

P.S that one i wrote about Gabby B. Like a month ago.

Bright Eyes

Life in Haiku

Posted by skiwildcat06 on 2005.12.08 at 20:29
a peaceful, calm breeze
lost to time, forgetfulness
no details remain

the first memories
a knife, they cut out the dull
fading far too fast

awakening, aware,
the mind finds the enemy
evil, so well known

a cloud, descending,
smothering all joy in life
love? it just might be

-Alexe. of course.

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