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Bright Eyes

the Sapling

Posted by skiwildcat06 on 2005.12.11 at 20:44
a small sapling
in the middle of a clearing
stands, all alone.
rooted into the ground,
strong and healthy,
it still seems so fragile
from the elements,
the wind,
the rain,
the sun.
it should be dead,
long ago destroyed
yet it lives on,

what cause does such a thing
have to live in this cruel world?
one wonders,
is it happy?
is it content,
in the way that trees can be content?
or is it like a human,
never satisfied,
never sated,
always searching?

yes, this is it.
for even as the
and snow
lash at its young bark
it throws its branches to the world
soaks up the rain
drinks in the sunlight
wallows in the deep snow.
and every year
there is a taller, stronger tree

the elements fuel it,
fuel its search,
for the search is not materiel
it is not like you and me
the tree searches for something greater

it searches for life.

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