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Bright Eyes

Forgive Me

Posted by skiwildcat06 on 2005.12.14 at 20:00
Fighting, tears,
And angry screams
Fill my mind
They fill my dreams

I don’t know why
I feel this way
I don’t know why
I have to pay

My life and heart
Have no love, not any
The long nights
Are far too many

As I lay awake,
I recount the days
Back when I never
Had to pay

The years were sweet
As a loving word
I felt so good,
Like a flying bird

Then one day
A revelation came
My life was useless
All was the same

My life was stupid
Inconsequential in the least
No difference would be made
I would not slay the beast

That lies within
Mankind’s cold, irony heart
There was no point
To even bothering to start

It is easier to give up
To feed man's rampant wrath
Than to fight it to the end
That is the futile path

I got angry at the pent-up virtues
That everybody hid
I fought against my prison,
But always did as bid

And at night tears of sadness
Were my only anesthetic
The fight was lost,
Futile, pathetic

And so my anger
Is more than it seems
It is a remnant of the sadness
Which haunted all my dreams.

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