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Bright Eyes

finally updating!!!

Posted by skiwildcat06 on 2006.01.11 at 02:09
Current Mood: sickicky
Current Music: Guster - Careful
cheesy poem from LA. ms rief liked it tho.

Nothing is perfect,
As everyone says,
In the land of synthetic,
The world of man.
But if you leave the normal
Suddenly, it seems,
“Everyone” is wrong.

If nothing’s perfect,
I beg you, try
Find a blemish in
Sun-bathed meadows,
The mountains of mist,
The sun-soaked haven of being

Or the splendor of the forest,
The beauty of granite ledges
In the early morning sun.
Or the untamed liberty of wandering
Barefoot and wild,
Through a forest, sky-scraper high

For once you leave the normal,
The conventional,
The same,
There is perfection all around you,
Waiting, just ahead of you
To be seen, and marveled.

So climb high, higher, highest,
Wander to a haven in the sky,
Leave your shoes by wayside,
Revel in this freedom,
The wild and the true,
You will know perfection.

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