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Bright Eyes

Not Like Me

Posted by skiwildcat06 on 2005.12.07 at 16:56
Current Mood: coldcold
they say you have the greatest ear
that notes flow through your mind
but never leave it
not like me

they say you were brilliant, in your day
not like you are now
the empty shell of a person
not like me

They say you were strong, in mind and body
the superhuman was natural for you
you needed no one
nothing like me

the notes in my head are discordant
my mind not up to par
I am weak

for you see,
I needed you

Bright Eyes


Posted by skiwildcat06 on 2005.11.29 at 08:31
perhaps things would be different
if I had seen you there
it might have turned out better
if you had tried to care.

but never even showed up
i waited far too long
i might feel better later
but all my hope is gone

so go and live your life
and have a grand old time
never look back to see me
the girl you left behind

I'll just stand here, waiting
my facade has yet to crack
you go ride into the sunset
never looking back.


Thank you dearest

Posted by __help__ on 2005.11.28 at 18:19
"Thank you dearest"
November 11, 2005
Goosebumps climb this very arm,
Which pours out blood unevenly.
Another imperfection,
You've kindly pointed out.
"Thank you dearest,"
I reply to your blurry mirage.

Another slice; my head is drowsy,
A migraine tears me down.
Another imperfection,
I'm lucky to find.
"Thank you dearest,"
I reply to your blurry mirage.

My lungs choke a supressed cough,
Out pours it's own blood off my lips.
Another imperfection,
You've told me,
"Thank you dearest,"
I reply to your blurry mirage.

Bit a crispy apple as red as my lips,
My teeth shatter as I crumple to the floor.
Another imperfection.
You've lovingly stated.
"Thank you dearest,"
I reply to your blurry mirage.

A ghastly silhouette of porcelian white,
Watches as you spit upon my grave.
No imperfections,
I whisper to myself.
"Thank you dearest,"
I state to your blurry mirage.


Posted by saxytrouble on 2005.11.20 at 11:05
Current Mood: gloomyEnthralled
Current Music: 50 Cent: Candy Shop
Under The Oak Tree

Under the Oak tree,
In our backyard,
You sat beside me,
and I felt free,
Under the oak tree,
With the limbs that stretched forever,
Like a vine growing on a brick wasll,
But i never saw its beauty,
I never heard,
The wind whistle,
Through the new green leaves,
Or jump on its branches,
Or sing of its beauty,
to show the world,
How Beautiful nature is,
In all its splendor,
You see I never saw the Oak tree,
Thats where my body lies,
six feet down,
Through grass and dirt and muck,
No I never saw the oak tree,
I don't know why I had to die,
And you stand above me,
Six feet high,
And cry,
I never saw the Oak tree,
Because I had to die.

~Gordon H. Fenn

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Posted by saxytrouble on 2005.11.20 at 09:50
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